Concealed weapons permits suspended

IRON MOUNTAIN – Seven Dickinson County residents have been asked to surrender their concealed weapons permits after their trainer’s NRA certification was suspended.

Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards said local officials were notified that there were some issues with an Escanaba instructor’s concealed weapons permit class.

The NRA suspended his NRA certification.

“We’re looking into why this gentleman’s certification is suspended,” Richards said.

As a result of the suspension, seven people in Dickinson County who had taken his class were asked to temporarily surrender their permits.

“They weren’t revoked. They were temporarily suspended,” Richards said.

In order to get their permits, they were asked to take an eight-hour pistol safety training course.

Richards said that Tony Erickson of Kingsford, instructor for Bullseyes to Badguys, has volunteered to conduct the training at no cost to the participants.