Down for the count


Liar, Liar. BHO is America’s lyingest president. Bill Clinton and his “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” is a rank amateur compared to BHO. Clinton has his “what is is” moment which only affected himself and Monica, however, Barack “The Liar” Obama has cheated over 300 million Americans.

Let’s look at BHO’s record: IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Fast am Furious, spying on world leaders and private citizens just to name a few of his prevarications.

He obviously spends his time when not playing golf, vacationing or traveling on his world wide apology tours, watching reruns of Hogans Heros.

This is obviously where he learned the famous Sgt. Schultz line “I know nothing – nothing.” He has perfected the excuse of plausible deniability. Does he really believe he has any credibility? As Irkle would say “Did I do that?”

I particularly like it when the liar appears on TV and proclaims that “Nobody is madder than me” or “no one is more frustrated that I am.” Well Dumbo, let me tell you that I am angrier than you regarding your deceptions.

And now that he has proven himself to be a liar, he is attempting to tell us we misunderstood him.

He now he has the gall to stand behind a microphone and lie about lying. It’s time this misfit is held accountable for his actions. Charging him with criminal conspiracy to deceive the public would be a good start. ACA would never have passed if presented honestly.

In a continuing attempt to take the heat off himself, he is now switching gears and changing the subject to the economy and immigration.

The pretender to the throne is on the ropes. It is time he goes down for the count.

Regarding my use of name calling, let me assure you that in a private conversation I would not be as charitable in my use of descriptive adjectives.

Sheldon Minsky

Iron Mountain