Carry a full copy


I can’t speak for all the Bible-thumping, gun-toting freedom lovers out there, but I have an idea for simplifying the laws that the governing bodies forcibly impose upon us.

There are plenty of individual laws and mandates that make the Bible look tiny. I wonder how complicated the laws would be if the politicians were required to carry a full copy of all the laws in there jurisdictions.

I am not referring to burning a disc, either. A real book, with real paper, and standard size 12 Times New Roman Font is what this situation calls for.

Since it is wise to avoid confusion, everything should be double spaced so it is easier to keep track of where they left off. The paper is already available. If they stopped printing that fake money for a day, or maybe two, they would have enough paper to print a humungus law book for every politician.

It would be interesting to see how many of the ridiculous laws would get repealed, if such techniques were implemented.

Much of the repealing processes would likely receive bipartisan support. Considering that such a law book would weigh more than the amount of gear that a soldier carries, they would be quick to lessen their burden.

For those of us, average people, this would mean less hoops to jump through, less paperwork, fewer wild goose chases, and ultimately, lower taxes.

Anthony Joseph


Niagara, Wis.