Calm as could be


On July 3, 1863, in the year of our Lord at the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War, the Southern Army unexpectedly made an all-out charge on the Union line at Cemetery Ridge.

As the Confederate artillery fired upon the line making way for the charge, one of the heroes of the three-day battle who received the Medal of Honor for his actions (and a personal hero of mine), Colonel Joshua Chamberlain was taken by surprise, as all the men were, by the bombardment.

Lying on the ground with all the men it seemed as if all damnation had broken loose. Suddenly, through the smoke and confusion the colonel saw a man appear on horseback looking as calm as could be.

His name was General Winfield Hancock. A soldier asked the general to please get down, as they could not afford to lose him. Showing courage and serenity to his men in the face of death he replied, “There are times when a corps commander’s life does not count.”

Where has such leadership gone?

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain