Missing hunter found

MARQUETTE – A Vulcan teen was found in good condition Monday after being lost in Marquette County’s Ely Township for about 10 hours.

Deputies from the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department said that 17-year-old Yury Hammar had been hunting in an area off of Flat Rock Road on Sunday when he wandered away from his blind and was unable to find his way back.

Realizing he was lost, Hammar stayed at his location and waited for help, said deputies.

Family members reported Hammar missing at 9:20 p.m. Sunday when he failed to return to their camp.

Searchers found Hammar about 10 hours later. He was cold, in good condition, and did not need any medical attention, said deputies.

Deputies reported that since the opening of this year’s deer season, they have responded to four separate calls for lost or missing hunters.

They suggested that any hunter who becomes lost should stay put and seek shelter. Hunters should also carry a survival pack including matches or a lighter, first aid supplies, and water.