Need a new approach


We need a new approach to wolves. We need to get them back into their natural habitat. They do not belong in inhabited areas like Sawyer Lake, Lake Ellen, Channing and Sagola area. I personally have seen one east of Kingsford and last week a person told me a wolf was seen in the outskirts of Norway. We must start calling the DNR (906) 875-6622 when you see a wolf and also call them if you have seen wolves the past few months.

A few years ago I saw a wolf in the winter and in the spring in my back yard at Lake Ellen, two winters ago I saw two wolves running along the shore of Sawyer Lake and a couple of weeks ago I saw two wolves running across Sawyer Lake Road from the park.

I am sure that I have seen more wolves than most people. In 1943 I saw wolf tracks in the snow 30 miles south of Koski’s Corners and a wolf ran past me 40 miles below Koski’s Corners.

In March 1943 the DNR had issued a statement that there were no more that three and none below Koski Corners. So please let’s start helping out the DNR 906-875-6622. They, like us, are to trying to get the wolf situation solved. If we don’t soon then I’m sure we will see a drastic change in our local environment. I suggest we reduce the wolf population until the deer return to their natural habitat and out of the cities, towns, and inhabited areas.

I know the wolf is a beautiful animal but let’s have the people that love to see the wolf go to their natural habitat, not to parks and inhabited areas.

Leo Fende