You can’t fix stupidity


Maybe you haven’t noticed what has been happening due to our national press with its efficient mobilizing propaganda.

The BBC indicated that we would have an ice free Arctic by the summer of 2013, so the Kool-Aid drinking fermented fruitcake munchers decided they would sail the Northwest Passage.

Well, you know some people in row boats, jet skis, kayaks, and sail boats started their adventurous dream through the Northwest Passage only to fail.

Maybe they shouldn’t fool with Mother Nature, but you can’t fix stupidity.

They were believers in the propaganda of the great deceivers; those great sacks of poop, a group of intellectual elites with ways to use a regulatory scheme to tax the citizens of the world and enrich themselves through greed and control.

The truth is Arctic ice is expanding rapidly; there is more than 533,000 square miles of ocean covered with ice in August 2013 than the total amount in 2012.

To point out how big that it is, it is comparable to half the size of Europe or over twice the size of Texas.

The UNIPCC never acknowledges that the ice is back to the 2006 levels, which is a 29 percent increase in one year. We are never told about ice fluctuations in the Arctic.

We have documented history of the ice fluctuations in the 1920s-1930s from Russian records from when Lindbergs did U.S. fly-overs.

Currently, we have fools that don’t do research on ice flow or icebergs and proceed blindly by ideology concluding in two sail boats that made it through the ice from Europe and 22 others resulted in getting stranded due to the ice, failed attempts due to the ice caused ships to be lifted onto hard ground and others knew the existence of the ice and turned around.

We had a group of jet skiers doing a reality show for American TV who had to be rescued by Canadian Coast Guard due to the high volume of ice. This projected a cost to the Canadian tax payers some $2.7 million.

A Danish-owned 738 ft. coal cargo Nordic Orion ship sails the Northwest Passage had a choice to leave Vancouver British Columbia with 15,000 tons of metrological coal bound for Finland.

Please note the Orion is equipped to be used in Arctic waters with a strengthened hull to handle ice. It shaved off 1,000 miles or four days of travel and hauled 25 percent more coal at a savings of $200,000 approximately.

With this journey, the Nordic Orion sailed into the history books; it’s the first ship in 40 years to do this. The Manhattan ship sailed a 4,400 mile trip with 126 passengers on board and carried one symbolic barrel of oil in August 1969, with escort Canadian ice breakers, John A. MacDonald and Louis S St. Laurent.

This trip along with a second trip later, were used to support test research for Finland’s shipping building. The Nordic Orion was in waters claimed by Canada and was registered with Canadian Coast Guard and they were on board.

The UN climate scam is destructing and is becoming a hysterical laughing stock around the world.

The 24 global climate parameters evaluated by the SSRC: 20 show a cooling trend, 3 show a warming trend and 1 has a neutral trend, concluding that global warming stopped 15 years ago.

The Belgian and Hungarian governments were hoping to hide the truth. The Obama administration was trying to come up with theories to explain the cooling like it’s hiding in ocean depths.

POTUS (President of the United States) Obama comes out with an executive order on Nov. 1 to have the EPA (Evil People of America) regulate CO2 and all our livelihoods and the destruction of the American economy.

CO2 is not harmful; it is very essential for plants and produces more abundant harvests so we can feed our expanding world population. CO2 is a gas required for life. Our founding fathers were not neighborhood organizers with a communist ideology.

Our founding fathers had knowledge in multi-disciplines in chemistry, geology, social history, and theory throughout their life from childhood to their sunset years. Back then they had to run against intellectual morons whose orifices produce more baloney to support their communist ideology or agenda. Remember they destroyed Russia, the largest Christian nation in 1919, with naturalism and collectivism.

They have been salivating at bringing down the U.S. economy with environmentalism and collectivism.

Environmentalism is communism in drag and communism is responsible for 260 million deaths.

God save america.

John Beck