Like the Pied Piper


After reading many articles on what some idiots think the Tea Party is, let’s set the record straight.

This is a description of the Tea Party: They want to reduce the national debt, they want less taxes, they want smaller government, less wasteful spending, and fiscal responsibility.

Wow, that is really bad isn’t it? Now, that being said I will agree there are some crackpots in there also, just like there are crackpots in the Democrats, and Republicans.

The Tea Party goes back to the Boston Tea Party, you do remember that from history don’t you? Were they crackpots? No they helped our founding fathers separate from England.

Right now I just saw an article in the paper about comparing the Republicans to Hitler.

Man, is this person delusional or what? Please, stop watching the news on CNN, NBC, ABC, and especially MSNBC. Do you really think you are hearing the truth from them or from this current dysfunctional president we have?

Do you remember the former Senator Obama saying that “Bush is criminal for wanting to raise the debt ceiling,” at that time it was $8 trillion.

Now he is president and he wants it raised again, it is now almost $17 trillion, all his now, no more Bush.

Talk about double speaking, say one thing and do another. We have a government out of control. Do you really think we can just keep raising the debt ceiling higher and higher?

At some time in the very near future, this is all going to go very badly for America. I love my country to much, I served in the Air Force four years, and I am very worried about our future.

Obama is out to destroy the Republican Party. He goes all over the country blaming them for everything. Just listen to CNN, they do the same thing, blame the Republicans.

What scares me is how the American public cannot see through his lies. They just look at his big smile, oh slick willy is a talker all right, he has everyone following him like the Pied Piper.

Remember this is exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany. Beware.

Allan Peterson