Rebuild the walls


We need to rebuild the walls in our personal lives. The word sin is found in the middle of the word disintegrate. When our Christian walk is comprised, the walls of our lives begin to crumble. Hiding God’s word in our hearts (Ps. II 9:11) helps keep our walls strong, especially when we are continually filled with the spirit (see Eph. 5:18).

We need to gather regularly with other Christians to pray, worship, and fellowship as the scriptures admonish us (see Heb. 10:25). Having a strong personal walk with Christ enables us to withstand temptations as well as to lead others to him.

We need to rebuild the walls of our family. Perhaps no other single institution is under more direct attack today than the family. Divorce rates are escalating. The family unit as we know it is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Even in the church, drug and alcohol usage, child abuse and marital infidelity have made major inroads against our families. Fathers and mothers must effectively model Christianity in the home if they wish their children to cherish those same values.

A wise person once said, “More is caught than taught.” This is especially true within the family unit where prayer, quality family time, and consistent church attendance lay the foundation for strong family walls.We need to rebuild the walls of our churches. The churches we attend are only as strong as the individuals and families that make them up. I heard of a church that prayed fervently for revival, but revival did not come. Finally in prayer meetings an older man stood up, confessing he harbored bitterness in his heart, and asked for forgiveness. After that the church experienced a glorious revival.

The apostle Paul reminded us we are all part of the body of Christ, and “if one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it” (I Cor. 12:26). As the individuals and family that make up our churches, we have a responsibility to strengthen our fellowships by our service, stewardship and testimony. When our churches are strong, we all benefit. We also need to rebuild the walls of our society at every level. This may sound difficult, but it is possible. After rebuilding the walls in our personal lives, strengthening our families, and reconstructing the walls of our churches, we are in position to impact our society. Naturally, we must begin by impacting our own community.

As the body of Christ, our role is to permeate society at every level. Jesus compared the Christian to salt and light (see Matt. 5:13-16). As salt we act as a preservative, helping guard against spiritual decay. Christians need to act in upholding strong biblical values.

Salt is also a seasoning whose strength lies in its distinctiveness from what it comes into contact with. We should positively impact or flavor those we meet. When people look at Christians, they should observe a difference – a difference to help bring about change in their lives.

Light’s value is that it exposes darkness. The light of Christ exposes the darkness of sin. Have you ever noticed that sometimes non-believers are converted by merely being in the presence of Christians?

The light of Christ shining through us, our families, and our churches can have a powerful effect on our communities. Every church, every believer must take to heart the need to impact the local community with the message of Christ’s love. That is the only way we can rebuild society’s walls. Impacting our society Christ is a vital part of fulfilling the great commission. But we can do that only as we rebuild the walls of our personal lives, our families and our churches. God bless.

Gordon Shewmaker