Best steps moving forward


Journalist Guy Taylor of the very conservative Washington Times newspaper has been appearing on PBS’s the McLaughlin Group as a panelist. On the Oct. 27, 2013 program when asked for his final opinion – as all the panelists are asked at the end of the show, he stated: “let’s start concentrating on the positives of the economy and quit being so negative; the economy is stabilized and we have moved away from the abyss.”

Finally, some common sense positive conservatism.

I could not agree more with Taylor’s assessment. If it was not for the government stepping in and helping General Motors and AIG, which are now very profitable, the repercussions of both companies being liquidated would have led to another Great Depression. Quite frankly, you are talking about complete dog-eat-dog anarchy. It is not something I think society wishes to experience.

Allan Mulally, CEO of the Ford Motor Company, and someone I consider to be a true American hero, was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Fox News discussing how Ford revitalized itself without government assistance.

He was asked his opinion of the government assisting some companies (GM). He replied, to Cavuto’s astonishment: “I believe in a cooperating effort between both corporations and government.” In other words he believed in the government helping GM.

Things are far from where they need to be and I get as frustrated as anyone with government and politicians. However, I also realize that concentrating on the positive and trying to improve the negative are the best steps moving forward.

I hope you agree.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain