Costs will skyrocket


Obamacare is not health care, but it will make you sick.

Federalizing health care is not an answer to illness. Believe me when I say; it is to make our government into socialism, run by a bureaucracy, that is what Obamacare is all about.

Citizens in countries with nationalized health care never would have accepted this system had they known upfront about rationing of care and the long waiting lines.

One of our elected servants in Washington, D.C., a liberal Democrat said, “we have to pass it to know what’s in it.”

It was 2,600 pages of bureaucratic falsehood, lies and deceit. As politicians and bureaucrats always do when they take over, costs will go up, and quality goes down, doctors will spend more time on paper work and less time on their patients.

Costs will skyrocket as they always do when inefficient bureaucrats and politicians take over, more and more tax dollars will be taken from you as our already foundering economy needs more money to some how pay the bills.

As we have seen many times, the more money and power that government has, the more power it will abuse.

The sad aspect is that cutting cost, which they will inevitably do, could very well mean denying vital services. And since participation will be mandatory, no legal alternatives will be available.

We have subjected our health to bureaucratic insanity and mismanagement is the biggest danger we are facing under the Obama administration. And it will only get worst.

The German people gave Hitler “a chance to fix things.”

If you like the way our president is fixing things, then you are on his side. Common sense tells us we are being led down the primrose path. Do we have the courage to turn around? This president is forcing socialism on us, his actions, his speaker, his friends, proves it, is this what you want?

Wake up and smell the roses. Yes, change is good but changing from bad to worst makes no sense.

And you, liberal Democrats, can not get your way, all you do then is play the race card. Oh by the way, “how’s the Obama thing working out for ya,” so far. Freedom is not free, slavery is.

Joe Massie