Control wolves by areas


Control wolves by areas affected by wolves, not state-wide votes, which is like having Iron and Dickinson counties vote for mayor of Lansing.

In my area, near Channing we have 200 acres of cedar swamp that is probably the best U.P. winter feeding area for deer. It was inundated with deer until the wolves chased them out into Iron Mountain, Kingsford, Sawyer Lake and anywhere people feed them in the winter.

Yes, the deer have been chased out of their natural habitat into cities, towns, and inhabited areas like Sawyer Lake and that is why we have had more deer-auto crashes.

I had two auto-deer crashes, one at Sawyer Lake and one near Channing, however, both of mine happened in the middle of the day with the deer crossing the road at full speed being chased by a wolf. I am sure most of the auto-deer crashes are caused because they had been chased out of their deep woods habitat and near populated areas.

Let’s reduce the wolf population in Iron and Dickinson counties and get the deer back into their natural habitat. Let’s not go by count, let’s get rid of enough wolves so the deer go back to their natural winter and summer habitats.

Yes, if you want to see wolves you should go into the deep woods, which is the natural habitat for wolves, not the shore of Sawyer Lake, down which I have personally seen two wolves running.

Oh my gosh, this is unbelievable: Last night I saw two wolves crossing Sawyer Lake Road from the park, going west.

Leo Fende