Too many hunting seasons


I have hunted 55 years, since 1957. I have never seen such a mess as the Michigan DNR has made of hunting. If you just take deer season as one mess.

First you now have the youth season, this must be done away with. Then you have the early bow season, then you have the rifle season, then you have muzzle-loading season, then you have the late bow season.

Really, and you wonder why so many real hunters say there are no deer?

I bought a 40 in north Menominee county in 2004. My son and I had pictures of 10-14 different bucks then. Last year, I had two small 6-point bucks, this year I have none, no bucks and I have had cameras out since the snow melted away.

I also feed the deer at my camp, (recreational feeding) all spring, summer and fall.

Now it is legal to bait our hunting blinds. I have no bucks at my camp, can the DNR explain that one, please do.

I am putting my phone number on this article, please DNR, call me and explain this one.

We have too many hunting seasons, too many hunters, too many coyotes, and way too many wolves. Don’t give me the here we go again “blame it on the wolves.”

Listen, when you have all these wolves, and the females have young ones every year, lots of young ones. A female can have 6 to 10 pups, they are just like dogs you know?

As they continue to grow in population out deer herd is being decimated. Having a limited hunt in the western U.P. is nuts. They need to be hunted and their numbers reduced big time.

To you “bunny huggers, and animal rights nuts,” here is some info for you. In Montana and the western states the wolf is reducing the elk there to almost unhuntable numbers, do some research, if you are smart enough.

The Michigan DNR has all these “seasons” to make money, that is the bottom line. And, make no mistake about it, there are too many deer hunters in the U.P., the DNR says we need to “attract” more hunters, thus the “youth hunt.”As I stated, I have hunted for 55 years, and the woods are crawling with “deer hunters” now, we do not need any more. The bad part is that these so-called deer hunters of today are a shady bunch.

They steal our portable tent blinds, our trail cameras, our climbing tree stand, our ladder stands. They break down permanent brush blinds, they think they own all the woods, they are riff-raff.

Who taught them to do these destructive things? What ever happened to the good old guys of yesteryear? What happened to ethics, respect for private property, to manners?

You can’t go anywhere on public land and you are harassed by “other hunters.” I hunted one area for 12 years, camped there with my trailer for two years. Then the next year, on opening morning, I get in my tent blind, shine the light inside and on my chair there is a note. It says “get out, we hunt here.”

Really, be a man and come up and talk to me, not a coward like these young weasels are today. Now days I hunt in the largest dirtiest swamps I can find, and I am 68 years old and this is how I am forced to hunt.

The reason I go into these places is because the young cowards are “afraid” to go into the dark swamps, they may get “lost.” I asked the Menominee County Sheriff about trespassing and he said he hates deer season because of all the complaints he gets and has to follow up on.

He also gets complaints about hunter harassments, violating, disrespectful young hunters. Today in the woods, I do not trust anyone until they prove themselves.

There is one camp in our area that has a “shooting room,” with empty shells on the floor. They have a light switch with a wire that goes to the bait pile for a light above the bait.

They kill their bucks at night, great sportsman eh?

Now, what needs to be done to get the deer back in the U.P. again is to set a season for the next 5 years.

That is one season, Nov. 15 to 30, and you hunt with whatever weapon you want.

After that, come back with a two week bow season, and the traditional two week rifle season.

You want to hunt with muzzle loader, you do it during the rifle season. We can no longer have all these “special” hunting seasons.

Coyotes are hunted, bobcats are hunted, and wolves need to be hunted in all the U.P. There numbers need to be controlled now, or it will be too late 5 years from now.

At my camp it is already too late, I will not have a deer season this year thanks to mismanagement of the DNR. I do not blame the local officers, it is not their fault, it is the uneducated in lower Michigan that run the DNR that are to blame, it is all about money, more hunting seasons.

News flash, when the whitetail deer are gone and at such low numbers, there will not be any hunters, they will have all quit. Then the DNR will have wolves all over and no deer for them to eat, who do they eat then?

So, DNR call me and tell me where all the deer are. In the Iron Mountain paper today a Sport Shop said there are “little to no reports of archery success.” Can I remind you it is the 27th of October and no pictures in the paper of bow hunters and their bucks, something is wrong with this picture.

Allan Peterson

906-498-2130 for DNR