New sculpture at Iron Mountain memorial


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – A new sculpture has been added to the memorial and tribute at the home of Don and Jeanne Jokinen on the corner of West D and Hemlock streets in Iron Mountain.

The family of wounded solider Donnie Jokinen, honored him and all fallen soldiers with a 16-foot carved tree stump outside of their Iron Mountain home last year.

This year, a sculpture of Jokinen was added to the tribute.

Charles Hamilton of Irma, Wis., created the full-size metal sculpture and was in town for the unveiling.

Donnie Jokinen who served in Iraq as an IED road clearance driver and was wounded and several of his comrades were killed in attacks in Baghdad, Iraq, between 2007 and 2008.

“Many attacks including IES’s, snipers, improvised rockets and mortars and several long fire fights” were involved in the fatal attacks, Donnie Jokinen explained earlier.

Jokinen was in the 1138th Engineer Company (SAPPER) out of Farminton, Mo. In the U.S. Army, Sappers are combat engineers who support the front-line infantry, and they have fought in every war in American history.

The sculpture goes along with the carved tree memorial.

“When the tree in our yard died, we decided we wanted to create a public tribute and memorial,” said Jeanne Jokinen. “It represents all soldiers and is a tribute to our wounded soldier son and our son’s buddies who were killed in Iraq.”

The Jokinens are also Patriot Guard members.

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