Continue the fight


This is in reference to and a continuation of the Letter to the Editor submitted to and printed in The Daily News on Thursday, June 25, headed “Other people’s money.”

As a citizen and taxpayer of Dickinson County, I received from the county clerk’s office the pay received sheets for the five elected county commissioners, pay period from January 2013-September 2013. Cost to me was $14.45.

The 46 pay received sheets included salary, per diem, and mileage for car use. These sheets tell the amount taxpayers are paying to have five elected servants working for us.

This is what the 46 sheets told me. The five commissioners held their Annual Reorganization Meeting on January 2, 2013. The meeting lasted from 10 a.m. to 10:05 a.m. (five minutes ). Henry Wender, John Degenaer Jr., Ann Martin, and Barbara Kramer claimed and were paid each $25 per diem. This amounts to $300 per hour. Joe Stevens claimed and was paid $10 per diem. This amounts to $120 per hour. With this in mind we go on.

District 1 Stevens, Per Diem $3,245, Mileage $140.82, Salary $2,700, Total $6,085.82.

District 2 Martin, Per Diem $1,495 (This does not include the per diem for the many meetings she attends at Northpointe Behavioral Systems where she is a Dickinson County appointed Board Member), Mileage $30.81, Salary $2,700, Total $4,225.81.

District 3 Kramer (replaced Frank Smith ), Per Diem $2,992.56, Mileage $322.99, Salary $2,700, Total $5,515.55.

District 4 Wender, Per Diem $3,067.25, Mileage $534.30, Salary $3,200, Total $8,076.55.

District 5 Degenaer Jr., Per Diem $2,660, Mileage $904.56, Salary $2,700, Total $6,258.56.

These five are now in the process of putting together a budget for 2014.

They do not have any rules or guidelines to follow except those they have put together amongst themselves. These five continue to reappoint people to each of their committees, boards, and commissions without any rules or guidelines to follow. None of their programs have been successful. They are now after the seniors in Dickinson and Iron County.

Apparently since the majority of the Dickinson County citizens, voters and taxpayers do not care, we the minority, will have to continue the fight until the governor comes to our aid as he did with the hospital.

Gerald McCole