Sheriff patrols to cover city?


News Editor

IRON MOUNTAIN – The city of Iron Mountain is exploring the possibility of contracting with the Dickinson County Sheriff Department for police services.

Sheriff Scott Celello obtained permission from the county board Monday to begin such talks, said County Controller Nicole Frost. Celello met with the board to gain assurances that the county was open to the concept, she said.

Iron Mountain previously held discussions with the city of Kingsford on the possibility of consolidating police and fire services. Those talks have stalled, however, as Kingsford wants to retain a police and fire public safety authority, while Iron Mountain prefers a separate fire department.

No timeline for any potential contract between the county and city has been set, Frost said.

“It’s just part of the discussion we’ve been having as a city in looking how to provide police coverage. We just had a brief discussion with the county as a part of exploring all of our options,” said Iron Mountain City Manager Jordan Stanchina.

Stanchina added that it came up in a discussion about police and fire coverage and they are in the initial stages of talking about it.

“We would still have to work out the details and see if it is at all feasible to do,” Stanchina said.

Such an agreement is not unprecedented in the county. At one time, the sheriff’s department provided patrols dedicated to Breitung Township, although the township eventually dropped out.

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