Basic human freedoms


The letter of Oct. 22 by Mr. Dixon is the thinking of most Tea Party citizens: get that black guy out of the White House. The ends should justify the means.

The obvious racist vitriol expressed by Mr. Dixon in his argument obfuscates the facts.

President Obama was a community organizer in Chicago helping poor, black people get their basic rights of food and shelter.

Black people came here on slave ships beginning in 1619 in Virginia to work on the tobacco farms of white English Americans. I think black people should have some rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the U.S.

I worked for a Saul Alinsky organization called Citizens Action Program (CAP) when I lived in Chicago in 1979 and never saw a communist flag.

Yes, were told to read “Rules for Radicals” but it was by no means a credo or a Bible to us. We were trying to help poor people.

I attend a Christian church every week like President Obama so being a Godless communist is nothing close to our president: he taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago, the Harvard of the Midwest, before he ran for the Illinois state senate seat, which he won.

I don’t see anything closely resembling anti-USA in our president’s history. When George W. Bush was a cheerleader for Yale U., our president was the editor of the Harvard Law Review.

I would rather have a smart president than a dummy like “W” was. And, for what it’s worth, I can trace my family back to 1670 in Virginia where my ancestors probably owned black slaves.

That’s what people did back then to get the economy rolling. One would think after 400 years, they have earned their right to basic human freedoms.

Our president is not implementing a “socialized medicine” policy agenda. Rather he is implementing a law which would use the private sector to make health care more affordable to the poor.

Socialized medicine is free, for example, in Russia, Cuba, or North Korea.

In Canada, Europe and other countries where they are ruled by kings and queens, the universal health care is also free but referred to as “our health care plan.”

And I doubt that these countries are in danger of being labeled “Communist.”

Robert L. Hunt

Iron Mountain