Try to be Americans


After reading William Dixon’s hatred for our president in Tuesday’s paper, I think the new Teapublican Mess owes Dixon some money.

All that creative propaganda usually costs some big bucks when they have to hire it done, and here, we have a guy who does it for free.

How admirable to try to help that group since they lost so much other support from their former constituents all over the country when they shut down our government.

Yes, the Republicans gave up the best thing they had going for them when they let the TeaParty (which couldn’t stand on its own) in.

In such a brief time, they have taken over the entire party, killed the G.O.P., demanded how the House members vote on issues, and spread their hateful selfish evil all over the country.

They have eliminated all evidence of honor and principle from the formerly respected party. Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer thought this combination was a great idea, typical of the way they usually think.

Now, many “old” members are defecting because they don’t want the stench of so much evil to be associated with them. They no longer have any organized party because there is so much in-fighting that never the twain shall meet.

The hate campaign from the racist crowd began the moment that President Obama was elected the first time because a black man actually dared to run for president, and win.

Not once, but twice, by a generous margin. Hitler’s Chief propagandist, Joseph Goebbels’ technique of brainwashing, has been so abused and overused by this bunch that a second grader can figure out the intention of the lies.

We have been told for over a year how much we are all supposed to hate Obamacare, how terrible it is, how much trouble it will cause, etc. because the tactic Goebbels used was to tell the brainwashing lies over and over, until the people heard them so much, they accepted the lies as fact.

This worked so well for Hitler, that Karl Rove figured it was a good idea to copy. Unfortunately, people these days have better educations, and don’t fall so easily for such obvious propaganda tricks, though many did.

However, everything this crew attempts in their hate and envy of our president’s accomplishments, is a failure.

Their first solitary mission was to try to make President Obama a one term president. They tried every repetitive lie and slander and smear they could think of, and still, they failed. Intelligent people can see through hate and don’t like evil.

This hateful mess pushes away faithful believers, who used to fall for anything. They even shut down our government for two weeks to try to get their own way, like two year old toddler’s, having a temper tantrum.

These are grown adults, who already knew that this is not the way Congress changes laws. They had zero concern for the thousands of people who suffered from their selfishness. And, what did that infantile behavior get them? Nothing.

Einstein said that: “Insanity is doing the same things over and over, while expecting different results.” These Teapublicans just refuse to learn from their mistakes.

Now, the Teapublicans threaten to continue their hate campaign against Obamacare, indefinitely.

Our new national health care is the law of the land, regardless that they are envious that a Democrat succeeded in accomplishing what they had tried and failed to win. A black Democrat, at that, making an even bigger insult to their pride, causing even more hate and envy.

Don’t they know that when Democrats initiated Social Security and Medicare, the Republicans were also against those, even though now, everybody except the multi-millionaires and billionaires depend on that money for their disabilities and/or retirement cushion.

They were wrong then, and they’re wrong now. It also took time to iron the wrinkles out of those programs. No new program can be fixed until the flaws show up.

Obamacare isn’t the problem. The hate and partisan divisiveness that the Teapublicans have stirred up and continue, is the problem, and it will hurt them, as it has already destroyed their former party, much more than it will hurt Obama or the Democratic Party.

It’s time for them to grow up and try to be Americans.

Mary L. Grabski

Florence, Wis.