Insurgency strategies


Several recent letters to the editor have compelled me to express my opinion about Americas present political, economic and racial situations.

I’m not a Democrat, Republican, Tea Party member, nor do I champion any American political entity.

I vote for who I feel best represents me and my concerns. Thus, I’m simply a plain old vet with common sense and clear vision.

It seems to me these various individuals projected information which comes directly from a socialist based political platforms perspective. Their assertions are, in my opinion, designed and intended to collectively defame and blame all conservatives, be they Democrats, Republicans, or Tea Party members within our private sector, public offices, or political arena.

Thus I feel these assertions were simply designed to advance America’s and democracy’s enemies strategies by spewing unproven nor documented assertions.

Assertions which were simply designed to inflame the already irate ill-informed and government dependent citizens within America while expanding the division between cultural, racial, economic classes, and political elements to covertly advance America’s and democracy’s enemies internal economic and racial warfare.

These activities are much like the old Special Forces insurgency strategies we used to divide various governments.

I belive America’s being shoved into socialism via America’s and democracy’s enemies who’ve infiltrated America’s financial institutions, unions, governmental bodies, political elements, our judicial elements, and our supreme courts.

Elements covertly working unilaterally to revoke most Americans’ freedoms and liberties, specifically those viewed as belonging to and within government’s lesser classes.

These elements, including Obama, have recently enacted laws that deny the lesser classes the ability to make individual and personal choices without government approval.

America’s present condition is not because of any individual, party, or a news media’s agenda.

Our nation’s predicament has been intentionally created via America’s and domestic foreign and domestic enemies’ internal attacks upon Americans’ liberties, freedoms, and Christian beliefs.

Attacks that were spawned decades ago through, believe it or not, America’s enemies’ God given freedoms and liberties within America.

Freedoms and liberties which allowed America’s enemies to advance their immoral, drug related, and socialistic strategies through our governmental laws and court systems.

Because of limited words I will continue this while addressing governments/Obama’s covert attack upon American’s freedoms and liberties via presidential directives and presidential executive orders as well as UN treaties.

God Bless America because Americans need it now more than ever.

Ray Wickstrom