Born in a barn


Having just read the letter “Clothing doesn’t matter” dated Oct. 8 by Dianne Hicks in Kingsford made me think instantly of the ‘oft-quoted Bible phrase, “judge not and Ye shall not be judged.” I also thought of St. Francis of Assisi after whom our present Pope is named.

St. Francis gave away his worldly possessions and preached wearing a sackcloth … sometimes even preaching naked, often being nude in the forests to meditate and talk with the animals, birds, all the while keeping his thoughts pure.

I feel that a person’s clothing is no more important than the car he/she drives to church.

The soul is in need of nourishing at least once a week so people would think more of church attendance to remember that Jesus Christ, our lord and savior, was born in a barn.

Robert L. Hunt

Iron Mountain