Congress is at it again


If “time is money” and “the proof is in the pudding,” then congress has proven these old sayings are true. Congress is at it again. Our employees are milking the system and getting overtime to do it.

Once again they have kicked the financial problems of our nation down the road so they can haggle over the solution again in the future. Both parties are more interested in gamesmanship rather than the solution. It’s all about political advantage.

Congress should be made a part-time job. It should be an unpaid honorary position without benefits and not a career. If congress was paid nothing it could be argued that we would still not be getting our money’s worth.

Only congress has the gall to claim there is minimal inflation in the country. Have you priced a car lately or purchased food? They produce phony inflation numbers by selectively choosing what items are included in the statistics – numbers government uses to determine cost of living increases for its employees and Social Security recipients.

It’s the same Kabuki Dance. Only the names of the perpetrators change. It’s time to vote them out.

With the implementation of “Obamacare,” the sentinel act of the Obama administration, we begin our first foray into faith-based health care.

In the future you better pray you never get sick.

Who else but congress can rationalize that by spending more money we will save money. Huh?

Congress does little of the work of the nation and spends a great deal of their time fund raising so that they may serve in perpetuity.

With the end of the shutdown the president has in essence said to John Boehner and the Republicans, in the words of Willy Wonka, “You get nothing, you have lost, good day sir.”

Sheldon Minsky

Iron Mountain