Known as Ford Airport


I am a senior-senior citizen.

When I was only a senior citizen, my wife Trudy and I were close friends with Mario and Audrey Fontana. Mario was the foremost and most enthusiastic aviator of this area. He told me many stories about his younger days.

The one about the Ford Airport was most interesting and should be known by everyone.

Mario was well-known by Henry Ford because he took care of his automobile whenever he toured the area.

Knowing that the best place for the airport was a soybean field owned by the Ford Motor Co., he decided to go to Detroit and talk to Henry Ford about obtaining some of it.

While talking to Mr. Ford he repeated several times that “We don’t have much money.”

Mr. Ford called in an assistant and instructed him to work it out with Mario.

Since it was going to be that easy Mario went all-out.

He then could hardly believe the cost was $1, but (and there is always a ‘but’), it had to be forever known as Ford Airport.

I never had a reason to doubt Mario’s word.

Francis W. Goodreau

Goodman, Wis.