Four-year-old helps save unconscious dad


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – As a former volunteer firefighter, Chris Lucas of Iron Mountain is used to helping other people in emergency situations. When the tables were turned and he needed help, he received it from an unlikely source – his four-year-old daughter Cadence.

Last Tuesday night, Chris was in the process of hauling scrap metal out to his property on Holmes Lane in the Hamilton Lakes area. Cadence was with him.

“I got out of the truck to take the stuff out and I think I dropped something underneath the tailgate,” he said. “After that, I don’t really remember what happened.”

Chris later learned that he had hit his head on either an old hot water heater or his truck’s tailgate and was knocked unconscious.

While he was out, Cadence ran about a quarter of a mile down a dirt road to the nearest neighbor to get help. The neighbor then went out to check on him and call an ambulance.

“Most kids would have sat there until their parent woke up,” said Chris. “She took the initiative to run out even though it was dark.”

Although Cadence was shy in talking about her experience, Chris said that everyone involved noted how calm she was the entire time.

“She knows the property and she told me she had seen headlights in the neighbor’s yard,” he added. “That’s probably why she went over there.”

Chris started to regain consciousness when the ambulance arrived. He spent the night in the hospital for treatment of a concussion and a large bump on his head.

Looking back on the incident, Chris hopes that the story will inspire other parents to talk to their children about how to handle all types of emergencies.

He explained that since he has experience as a volunteer firefighter and Cadence’s mother works for a local ambulance service, they have always coached Cadence about what to do in case of emergencies.

“We work with her on 911 and she knows our names and phone numbers,” said Chris. “I thought it was kind of cool she remembered that.”

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