Great Oz is a phony


Whenever I am looking at the history of a town and read the Wikipedia summation, I always look into the present structure of the town.

Every town has a hospital and in most cases every hospital is one of the largest employers.

Considering the price of medical care these days, these large employers with their huge buildings and over-priced medical staff reminds me of “The Wizard of Oz,” which is set in the “Emerald City,” like any ordinary town with a hospital.

Consider the character of ‘Dorothy,’ the average American living close to the poverty line knowing that a trip to “Oz” (a doctor) would be the way to poverty.

After all, who can afford to see the wizard these days? Consider the “ruby slippers” Dorothy wears and, when she clicks her heels three times, she is obligated to see the great Oz.

Now as she goes up the “yellow brick road,” Dorothy is meeting three average people who need to see the Great Oz: one for heart surgery, one for brain surgery and the last for depression medication.

Well, all four are of course afraid of the Great Oz and finally realize, upon entrance to the Emerald City (the huge, white hospital) that the Great Oz is a phony, much like the over priced-doctors and medical staff.

So, if you are ever in any town or city, just check out the hospitals or clinics and hope you don’t have to go into them.

Robert Hunt

Iron Mountain