Appreciation for cattle letter, Norway museum

From Frannie Weigelt of Homestead, Wis.: Kudos to the gentleman who wrote the article in the “Letters to the Editor” section about the longhorn cattle. What a delightful story.

In these times of doom and gloom, that story really put a smile on my face.

I hope William Schmitt writes more stories and you print them.

Thank you.

From Roger W. Hultquist of Fort Wayne, Ind.: I am a Norway native who loves going back home. I was there recently for a 58-year high school reunion and visited the Jake Menghini Museum and the restored Odill house and beverage factory.

Norway has an absolute and marvelous gem in the creation and restoration of that facility. Those responsible for the creation and restoration should be congratulated and praised for their fine work.

When there, inquire about the ambitious archives and when touring the restored house, enjoy my painting of the house as it existed prior to the excellent restoration. Jake Menghini was the father of a classmate and while he graduated with the class of 1955, he is no longer with us. The memories and artifacts his father and his successors in the effort have collected and preserved will be enjoyed for a long time to come.

If you haven’t been there, please go and enjoy the efforts of those who made it possible.