None of my business


This is a letter in direct response about the issue of the clothes that people wear. What I find rather disconcerting is that the people who criticize the clothes that people wear are the same ones who tout what a great free country we are. Freedom means wearing the clothes a person wants to wear, not what someone else thinks they should wear.

As far as the issue of what to wear to church: When I lived in Appleton, Wis., my landlord and his wife invited me to attend their Sunday church services.

Attending this church for the first time I wasn’t certain what attire would be appropriate so I wore a pair of brand new jeans, casual dress shirt, and loafers. I never made it into the services as a gentleman looked at my clothes up-and-down in the parking lot as if I was wearing a t-shirt with Hitler on it and camouflage pants.

I thought to myself, “I’ll pass on attending these services.” I can only imagine what would be his reaction if Jesus attended in a robe and slippers. (Please keep in my mind this is a time when I wore a suit and tie to work every day, so it was not a matter of not being used to wearing formal attire.)

I am not one to pay attention to what a person wears as I judge a person on what is on their inside not their outside. To be forthright: the clothes another person wears really are none of my business.

Postscript: If you are in Green Bay and want to attend a church please consider the interfaith Church on Mason Street. Whether you are wearing an Armani suit or sweat pants and t-shirt, you will feel just as welcome.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain