Talking about S.A.Y. soccer


There are many people and organizations that come to mind when talking about S.A.Y. soccer.

Countless hours are put in by all of the coaches. There are ten games during the regular season but there are also practices before and during the season. There are tournaments where a coach may be there for the whole weekend. They volunteer their time for the love of the game.

The refs also put in many countless hours. They are also working because they love the game. They take grief from the audience and kids on the field, yet they continue to do their jobs.

The board members. There are many board members that go above and beyond the expectations of being a board member. They meet once a month for the whole year to make S.A.Y. an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church has a beautiful facility that they allow S.A.Y. to use. We feel very fortunate to be able to use such a facility as the fields at St. Mary’s.

We really appreciate The Daily News and the Advertiser for listing our teams for us in each paper. That is really an indispensable resource for everyone involved in S.A.Y. locally.

We would have pretty warm tournament weekends if it weren’t for City Sales. All of the ice is donated to the S.A.Y. soccer tournaments from City Sales.

S.A.Y. soccer comes out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was brought here by the Bittingers many years ago. This year S.A.Y. has 1,570 players and 210 coaches making up 99 teams. Kids from all over play in the S.A.Y. soccer league. These areas include Pembine, Wis., Felch, Goodman, Wis., Powers, Crystal Falls, Niagara, Wis., Iron Mountain, Kingsford and Norway.

All involved appreciate the support given to S.A.Y. soccer.

Mike Tershner



S.A.Y. Board

of Directors