God makes people free


The Bible says – with God all things are possible.

The massive problems of the world and his church require but a simple nod of his head for resolution.

The greatest of our treasures is our God-given heritage of constitutional liberty. We also have the Bill of Rights; we are free people under God’s law.

We have elected men in government, as I write, who are substituting political decree for law and their purpose is theft, these political thieves are stealing our God-given rights to live as free Americans.

They steal our earnings (over taxing) jobs (overseas) and the rights of a unborn baby (abortion). They have no other purpose, or else they would be willing to preserve our God-given constitutional government of laws, instead of control by the decrees of men.

There is no future for citizens under government not based upon moral principles and constitutional laws under God.

Only the United States Constitution states that freedom and liberty is guaranteed and preserved for all, but we have to live it and work at it every day, because the forces of evil are working overtime to kill it.

Freedom is not free, slavery is.

Another thing, there is no such thing as choice when it is about unborn life in the mother’s womb. Constitutional law under God makes people free, and only free people own guns.

Give me liberty, or give me death.

Oh by the way, “How that Obama thing working for ya?”

Joe Massie