These are sad days


I am a retired VA employee who 17 years ago, the last time the government ran out of money.

I was furloughed but since I worked for the VAMC we were told we were not allowed to not come to work because we worked taking care of our veterans. We were loyal to those we took care of – but we were misused, harassed and told we would not get paid. We were told if we let them know our business they could/might be given IOUs to handout to our creditors if they would accept them.

We would work our 8 or 10 or 12 hour shifts but if someone, somewhere within the VA didn’t come in we, could/would have to cover their tow, and this for no overtime pay.

But I guess we didn’t learn anything.

I was sick to death then and once again I’m furious that it’s happening again. This week I have been so angry all week to see what is happening. I lived in California at the time – then Jerry Lewis (a Congressman from California) thought it was a joking matter and today congress is laughing again.

Now congress is getting paid, and now even deciding to go home for the weekend because they have nothing more important to discuss.

How dare they? They should all be fired for not doing the job we sent them to do for us. Congress used to be called the good old boys club – I pass yours, you pass mine or we can attach something to a bill that has nothing to do with that bill just to get it passed.

They are more obligated to those who supported them with the big bucks than to us. Lobbyists get more attention than the people who they represent.

I now understand disgruntled workers and people who are pushed just a little too far.

Shame on the Legislative Branch of our government. I am angry with each and every one of you.

It’s not 2-3 people who suffer, it’s families, babies.

See the 100,000-plus people who are furloughed as a result of the government shutdown by federal agency, as of Oct. 1:

– Defense: 400,000 furloughs

– Treasury: 90,000 furloughs

– Interior: 58,765 furloughs

– HHS: 40,512 furloughs

– Commerce: 40,234 furloughs

– Homeland Security: 31,295 furloughs

– Transportation: 18,481 furloughs

– Justice: 18,186 furloughs

– NASA: 17,701 furloughs

– EPA: 15,181 furloughs

– Veterans Affairs: 14,224 furloughs

– Labor: 13,350 furloughs

– Energy: 8,471 furloughs

– HUD: 8,360 furloughs

– FDA: 6,620 furloughs

– Education: 3,983 furloughs

– SEC: 3,897 furloughs

– Small Business: 2,187 furloughs

– Agriculture: Unknown

– State: Unknown.

I have a suggestion for our future Americans going into politics: learn to do things without thinking of your fellow man and learn to smile. May you never feel the wrath of the American people.

I served my country in the military. I took care of those veterans who also served us. I am glad I can hold up my head high. These are sad days for the hard-working American people.

I want others to join me and get a petition started that would repeal that part of the law which exempts members of Congress in not being federal government workers. Then when people don’t get paid, they don’t either, for not doing the job they get paid to do just like the other government workers. I bet they would figure how to work together and get the job done.

I would also like to see a law passed that says: if a politician would like to rerun for office they would have to quit the position they have and not just go off and campaign.

If you or I told our employer we were taking time off from the job to run or rerun for office what do you think our bosses would say? We would get our pink-slips and somebody else would get the job.

It’s not right. It’s not fair and I’m tired of it.

Kathleen M. Kusmitch

Crystal Falls