Tea Party crackpots


In the three years Representative Dan Benishek has been in office, we taxpayers have paid him almost $500,000 in salary. This does not include his health insurance or retirement benefits. What do we have to show for our investment? About 50 useless votes to repeal Obamacare. Now, he and his Tea Party crackpots want to shut down our government and default on our debt.

We have over $16 trillion of mostly short-term debt financed at extremely low interest rates. The last thing in the world we should do is disturb the market for that debt. Yet that is precisely what the Tea Party proposes to do if they don’t get their way.

Under our form of government, if you want to call the shots, you must win elections. The most important election to win is the presidency. We had a presidential election less than one year ago. Barack Obama soundly defeated Republican Mitt Romney. The Obamacare issue was front-and-center in that election. The people have spoken.

If you fail to win the presidency but still want to call the shots, you must win veto proof majorities in both houses of congress. The Republican Party does not have a veto-proof majority in either house of congress. Therefore, they do not get to dictate to the majority party.

To look at this another way, you don’t see liberal Democrats threatening to shutter the government or default on our debt if Republicans don’t vote on the immigration bill, abortion rights, or gay marriage.

Who does Dan Benishek think he is? He is going to ruin our country because a bunch of right-wing screwballs who don’t know the first thing about economics want to default on our debt?

I say Dan Benishek is in over his head and doesn’t know what he is doing. I just hope some influential people from his district will call him up and straighten him out before the real train-wreck occurs.

Not Obamacare, defaulting on our nation’s debt for the first time in American history.

Mark Nordin