Start collecting your boxes


This is an open letter to Congress

Apparently there is something in the water in DC which lowers ones ability to comprehend the spoken or written English language. So, let me explain this to you in the same manner I would my 2 year old granddaughter, although I swear she is more intelligent than you all.

You can’t play nice, you go home.

Start collecting your boxes because you guys are out of there. The Constitution says “We the people,” not we the Legislature. You have no right to dishonor the World War II veterans in the manner you currently use. You have no right to close privately funded memorials/attractions.

If I had money, I’d send a moving company to the Capitol with a few truck loads of boxes with the above message scrawled across each box.

You have gone too far with your stupid, arrogant, self-serving games. We the People are tired of your crap.

Take your junk and start packing because you aren’t representing the people who elected you.

Lisa Mianes