Tyrannical government


Is there really “Freedom of the press” in America today? Are most news agencies operating under political/government pressure, bowing to the far left’s radical’s political ideologies?

I believe union and political influenced media have injected leftwing propaganda to influence the masses of government-dependent, the entrenched naive, and the ill-informed citizens to believe what politicians/government tells controlled media to say is always truthful.

How can Obama’s administration commit so many crimes without leftwing media’s exposing and vilifying those crimes? Why haven’t government criminals been arrested/prosecuted, and why hasn’t Obama been impeached for allowing the continuation of these crimes under his command?

It’s a violation of Constitutional Law for laws to differ between various classes of citizens such as within Obamacare, so why is leftwing media not exposing these facts?

Leftwing politically influenced media blamed Republicans for Obama’s sequestration cuts and now Obama’s government shutdowns, sequestration cuts and shutdowns which Obama and the leftwing Democratic party intentionally orchestrated to negatively impact our most vulnerable citizens, seniors and the young.

Is government covertly utilizing its influential powers to ensure media mislead the uninformed masses to ultimately destroy our two party political system?

We have Democrats refusing to meet with Republicans but blame Republicans within leftwing politically controlled media; a president unwilling to compromise but blames Republicans within leftwing politically controlled media; a president who’ll only reopen government when Republicans bow to his dictatorial leftwing demands.

Yes, a chronological timeline of far leftwing actions, including Obama’s willingness to adopt UN treaties, will prove Obama’s covertly conspiring to create a single party system that’ll ultimately dictate each class of citizenry’s way of life within America.

Obama claims Republicans are holding America hostage when he’s holding American’s hostage while he divides Americans to covertly inflict irreversible economic damage upon America.

Obama lied to America about Obamacare to ensure America adopted his socialized health care mandates and to ensure massive expansion of taxation is achieved to fund his socialistic wealth redistribution agendas via Obamacare’s hidden taxes.

Obama’s administration lied about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA illegal wire taps, IRS political discriminatory acts during election periods, allowed our voting laws be violated, and suspended our immigration laws to retain Obama’s Presidential powers.

It’s time patriots join together against this tyrannical government that’s attempting to enslave Americans by destroying our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and America’s sovereignty and economy through Obama’s scorched earth policies.

Impeach Obama now.

Ray Wickstrom