My God loves all people


Recently, I’ve read in these pages some ideas people have on what is appropriate to wear to church. I once went to church because I felt I needed a change in my life. I didn’t have anything to wear in my possession other than some well-worn work clothes. I went to church in those.

After the service was over I overheard a couple comment to each other about how distasteful my clothes were. I walked out of that church and didn’t attend a church service again for a number of years.

In the Bible we are told to love others. We are told to welcome all people into the house of the lord. Jesus went to the poor, the lepers, the sinners, all those that needed to know God. He gave of himself and welcomed all who chose to believe in him.

God tells us we are all in need of turning to him. He, to the best of my knowledge, never once said we are only to come to him if we are dressed in our best clothes.

If God had said he only wanted us to come to him if we are dressed a certain way, he is not showing his love and forgiveness to all people. Someone could confess their sins and put their trust and faith into the hands of Jesus – live for God – but because of their clothing, spend eternity in hell.

I am glad I know a different God than you do. My God loves all people and gives all people the choice to look to him.

We are called to worship our lord, to go out and tell all people of him and what he has done for us. Please don’t cause someone to walk away from God because of their clothes. I am pretty sure, in fact I will bet my life on it for all eternity, God’s only concern is for me and my soul. He really is not concerned about my clothes.

Next time one of God’s children walks into your church, show them the love God has showed you, look beyond their clothes and welcome them home into the house of our lord.

Someone did that for me and today I do my best to walk with God.

I still am a sinner, but I walk with Jesus and do the best that my sinful nature will allow.

I will never be sin-free until I am home with my lord. May God, my heavenly father, allow me to spread his truths to all.

Jim Dziedzic