What a scary sight


This is a true story from the late ’50s.

We had a hundred or better or Hereford Beef Cattle. Most were high quality breeding stock. Now you can laugh but they all were pets. They each had names and we bought our beef meat at the store.

In the herd were five Texas Long Horns. These Long Horns had no fear of anything except maybe a bear. If for some reason one of these Long Horns did not like another cow, deer, coyote or other animal it had no trouble killing it with those big horns. Because they were fearless and had great speed, they took over as leaders of the herd.

Our herd liked to spend time in the shady woods at the back part of the 40.

From time to time we would bring treats. Sometimes apples or specially made bags of mixed ground up, tasty and strong smelling good grain. We would pour it out into the long grain troughs, then shout out their names.

The entire herd would come over the top of the hill and down through the field towards us on a dead run. What a scary sight; even for us. They really shook the ground like an earthquake. The sound was like a heavy roll of thunder. We always got in the car or pickup because we were never sure if they would stop.

Anyway, maybe another true cattle story in the future.

William Schmitt

Retired Logger