Need to hunt wolves


To the ill informed, please note that when wolves are left to breed and grow within the ranks of being an unabated predator, you have massive problems with wildlife management and safety concerns with domesticated pets and human beings.

I have been an Alaskan resident for 20 years and have seen this first hand.

Wolves do kill people here in Alaska, they do eat domesticated pets off of chains and do harass kids walking to school or playing in the woods.

So it is about time that Michigan, realizes that you need to hunt wolves.

Alaska has wolf seasons in some units (GMU 13) that you can hunt 10 wolves a day from Aug. 10 through April 30 and harvest them if you find them, the key word is hunt. They are a cagey and craft species.

So I wish all the hunters to due well in the regulated hunting areas because, you are not only protecting your bountiful wildlife, you are protecting your fall color hiking trips, your berry picking adventures, you are protecting yourself as you are now part of the food chain if you do not harvest the Canis Lupus.

Mark Franks

Wasilla, Alaska

Born and raised

in Iron Mountain

1983 IMHS graduate