No benefits to drug users


Lansing is considering a bill that would bar payment of unemployment benefits to drug users. What? Why would the government give anything to drug users?

Look at all the handout welfare freeloader programs. The consistent recipient is the drug user.

Check with local low-income housing managers. Iron Mountain, Kingsford and Norway all have tenants with drug use histories as well as current users.

Medicaid recipients are often drug users with no earned income who receive welfare and free medical care. And food stamp recipients include illegal drug users.

Government has allowed illegal, irresponsible adults every handout possible.

Use illegal dope, you will receive food, clothing, shelter, fuel from the stupid bureaucrats who enable you to be irresponsible, immature, in time a loser.

The USA is the only country where you can be a bum and have taxpayers give you an easy, comfortable life.

No benefits to drug users should be the blanket policy. Period. There should not be a consideration of eligibility benefits. Give none.

Dorothy Guiliani

Iron Mountain