No foul play in Marquette man’s death


For The Daily News

MARQUETTE – With toxicology results pending, Marquette City Police Department officials do not suspect foul play in the death of a 22-year-old Marquette man who was found unconscious on his front porch in Marquette Tuesday morning.

An autopsy was conducted Wednesday morning at Marquette General Hospital on Kyle Patrick Dowling. The results of toxicology tests will likely take a few weeks to produce. After the results are obtained, the Marquette County Medical Examiner will complete a report on the cause of death.

“At this time, the Marquette Police have not uncovered any evidence of foul play by another party that caused Dowling’s death,” said Detective Capt. Gordon Warchock in a news release.

Police were called to the residence at 1443 Lynn St. at about 9 a.m. Tuesday. There, an officer was directed to an unconscious male lying on the front porch of the residence.

“Officers discovered, when making contact with the male subject, that he was deceased,” Warchock said.

Police said Dowling lived at the home and was last seen alive Monday evening. The ongoing investigation began Tuesday morning.

“Detectives have interviewed several witnesses, canvassed the scene and attended an autopsy that was completed this morning in connection with the case,” Warchock said Wednesday afternoon. “Toxicology results on the victim are pending.”

Police said citizens with any information on the case are asked to call the Marquette City Police Department at 228-0400.