We need people control


Another mass shooting.

Well we have another mass shooting at a military Navy base. It is a shame, no doubt, but here goes the gun lobbies again.

I would like to say I understand these people wanting to take away guns, make it harder to buy weapons, and have stricter laws for buying.

I will say one thing, I am a hunter, I have hunted for 55 years this year. Love hunting, and I own guns. I have a lever action .308 and a muzzle-loader.

I believe in the right to own guns, and the Second Amendment. But, I really feel like there is no place for these AR-15 type weapons in the hands of civilians.

And I also do not believe in the ability to buy aftermarket clips that hold 20, 30, and even 50 rounds. This is a military weapon, civilians do not need to own them.

Last year on opening day of deer season I was in my blind and about 10:15 there was 17 shots, get that, 17 shots, as fast as this person could pull the trigger.

Really, you need to shoot 17 times?

And, the shots were close, I almost got out of my blind and went back to camp. We do not need idiots like this in the woods with all the other hunters out there shooting 17 times in a row.

I also hear people in my town shooting fast and lots of shells at a time close to town. We do not need more idiots with these kinds of guns in the public.

Now let’s get to the real point of this letter. You can take away all the guns, make it impossible for a person to buy one and we will still have these shootings happen.

It is not the guns, or large clips that kill, period.

It is the people with mental problems that are the cause.

First, in the Bible Jesus said that Satan, or the devil which ever you prefer is the cause of all of this. Yes, I can see the eye rolls now. You want to call Jesus Christ a liar?

Jesus said Satan and his evil angels were cast out of Heaven to the earth.

Yes, Satan is here on planet earth with all his evil and fallen angels. Now, Jesus said the Satan, or the devil is here to, “kill, steal, and destroy.”

These evil demons can enter into humans and control us. Jesus said so, again, you want to call Jesus Christ a liar again? Jesus several times cast demons out of people, one time it was seven demons in one person.

This is the real reason for the evil in this world, and again Jesus said it. Those who are unbelievers, and do not want anything to do with God are the ones who Satan attacks. Once Satan gets into the mind of a person there is only one way to get them out.

One must be born again. Because when one is born again, that person receives the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, and Satan can not attack and indwell that person. Satan can temp those born again, but Satan can’t indwell them.

If you paid attention to all the mass murderers, you will see that they all had mental issues, Godless individuals all easy targets for Satan and his evil demons.

We are told in the Bible that there are only two paths in life.

One is a very wide one with many on that path, and every one of them are on the path to Hades. The other path is a very narrow, difficult path, and only a few are on it.

Those on this narrow path are on their way to Heaven. So, with so many people on the way to Hades is it a wonder Satan has so many to work with to carry out his mission to kill, steal, and destroy?

This is the true reason for all the evil, and killings, murders, rapes, beatings, people stealing, people cheating each other out of money, drug use, alcoholics, drug dealers, and on and on.

What it gets down to is we are spending too much time on useless issues of gun control, we need people control.

Mental issues need to be addressed, not suppressed and kept quiet. We need to turn in those who make questionable remarks that are scary. And, this is important, as Christians we must make a bigger effort to witness to everyone we can about the love of God, and Jesus as our saviour.

We must bring as many as we can to our Lord so they can be “born again.” Too may false Christians think they only need to go to church once a week and no more. Jesus told us all to witness for him, this is not just for the pastor, priest, or minister, whatever you want to call them.

We will have evil and murder with us until Jesus comes again at the Resurrection, no amount of gun control or legislation will have any effect on these killings.

So, I wish all the politicians would just spend time on the debt, jobs, the budget, and do their job like we elected them to do.

Allan Peterson