NIU volleyball

DUNBAR, Wis. – Northland International University absorbed its second straight women’s volleyball loss Tuesday, falling to Finlandia University 3-0 (26-24, 25-18, 25-23).

“Coach Kristan (Filer) Schuster had her team ready,” said NIU Coach Dave Herron of the Lions and the former Florence High School standout. “I believe I was outcoached.

“I could not get my MH to beat their MB nor get my MB to defend their MH. I could not get my OH to hit smart around or through the end block. I could not get my passers to pass balls in system. I could not get my hitters to hit smart at the end of games we should have won. I could not get my setter to be more selective on choosing the right hitter to set.”

Herron recently posted his 400th career win.

“We just passed a milestone as a team and program,” he said. “Maybe these players believed too much the nice things being said about them. Maybe I haven’t done enough to challenge them.”

The Lady Pioneers travel to Grand Rapids for a tri-match at Grace Bible College on Friday and another tri-match at Kuyper College on Saturday. NIU’s performance will affect its Midwest Region seed, now No. 3.

“Something needs to change,” Herron said. “We can’t keep having players give a negative contribution.

“When players pile into the van and are more excited about having a ‘burpee contest’ and which movie to watch, the focus seems off.”