A recipe for disaster


The following is from the Charter of the City of Kingsford:




“Section 4.2. All the corporate powers of the City of Kingsford are hereby vested in a City Council, designated as the Council, consisting of five Councilmen elected as hereafter provided.”

When we have crumbling sidewalks, roads, alleys and curbs; water infrastructure losing over 100 million gallons of water in leaks yearly (almost three times the national average), an independent auditor warning of unchecked future pension obligations (pension spiking), an elderly woman walking down the middle of Carpenter Avenue in the middle of winter, and children forced to walk in the streets, just to go to school, because the city cannot afford a municipal side walk snow blower (Iron Mountain and Norway both have municipal side walk snow blowers), the highest tax rate in the county, (almost double that of Breitung Township), we must find culpability somewhere.

This culpability rest solely on the past and present council members of the city of Kingsford.

This Nov. 5, the citizens of Kingsford have a choice between keeping things the way they are, or tackling the issues that this city has to face. Burying our head in the sand, like an ostrich, is a recipe for disaster. Look at the city of Detroit, for example.

According to the Kingsford City Manager, one estimate to get the city infrastructure up to date and modern is $66,010,000.00, over a 10-15 year period. The total city revenue for last year was $3,004,817.00. These are some unavoidable hard truths that have been ignored for far too long and need to be dealt with in a proactive manner with good business sense.

I believe that the best way to achieve these results is on Nov. 5 to vote for Scott Person and Mark Wiederrect for Kingsford City Council.

I am signing this letter as Councilman, Brian Smeester, because I feel that as a councilman, it is my duty to provide information for the citizens of Kingsford, whom I represent, with the most accurate an painfully hard truths, so that they may cast a vote in their own best interests.

Brian K. Smeester


City of Kingsford