Our wolf population


Have wolves ever killed humans? Yes, they have.

First of all, it was printed in the Crystal Falls Mining Gazette in an article 50 years ago about a man killed by wolves between Felch and Escanaba. A friend of my dad’s was killed by wolves in northern Minnesota in the early 1900s.

No newspapers in those days, just word of mouth. My dad was lucky to escape wolves encircling him southwest of Marquette in the mid-1930s.

My dad preached to us at the dining room table about the dangers of wolves. A hungry wolf is a dangerous wolf who will attack anything that will satisfy its hunger. A hungry wolf will attack a snowmobiler, a person strolling through the woods, or even someone getting off a school bus in the country.

We must do something in Iron and Dickinson counties or we will become bait for the wolves when the deer are gone. Take the Sawyer Lake area as an example. It is inundated with deer and wolves have been in back yards east of Sawyer Lake. I have personally seen one on Sawyer Lake Road just south of Sawyer Lake.

I would suggest that anyone sighting a wolf call the DNR so they get a better general idea of our wolf population.

Leo Fende