The big bad wolf


First off let me say that I agree with the fact that I believe we have too many wolves in Michigan and in Wisconsin. The DNR in both Wisconsin and Michigan set a goal as for the number of wolves the states could seemingly handle.

That goal has been doubled and both states are now setting hunting limits that don’t even start to bring that number down to where it should be.

Now secondly I believe people have been reading Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes again (reading anything at all is great) and they are starting to believe the one titled “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Doesn’t it seem funny that all these people that were being devoured around here and across the country and not a single story made the newspapers?

Also next to zero cases were ever documented in any form, even in the country’s early history. The only documentation is word of mouth as the stories are being passed from one bar stool to the next.

Of course the person telling the story is swearing on his mother’s grave that the story he is telling is true.

You have a very hard time to find anywhere in the world any cases of people being attacked by wolves. Has it happened?

Yes, but rarely and often with rather extenuating circumstances. That is right next to no cases anywhere in the world.

In Alaska where we have the biggest population of wolves, no one up there is eaten daily. In fact, try to find a single case of it ever happening. In B.C. a few years ago a man was killed by wolves, but the man somewhat committed suicide, in a way.

He went out and climbed down into a known wolves den to get a wolf pup. The adult wolves were not crazy about that idea and he paid the price.

It seems that the latest craze in boogie man stories revolves around the big bad wolf, but I believe they are just that, stories.

Now with their smaller cousins, the coyotes do kill and have killed people in the U.S. in the last few years. An adult jogger was killed in the eastern U.S. and a few different people were killed in the western states. Coyote will also at times attack small children in their yards.

Cougars also have a record of attacks on humans. As for wolves, I think most of those stories are built up when an alcoholic stimulant has been applied to our gray matter.

Don Schroeder

Niagara, Wis.