Seniors have a huge impact


I recently attended the meeting of the Dickinson County Governing board with Mr. Jeff Heino, director. One of the items to come before the board was the closing of the Norway Senior Center meal site on Fridays.

Members addressed the board in an intelligent, respectful and timely manner. The chairperson was indifferent, rude, and even went so far as to make an inappropriate remark to the delegation.

It was also mentioned to “cut from the top” and not from the hard-working, tax-paying individuals who are struggling to exist in this tough economy. Some of the board members were concerned, others shrugged their shoulders and muttered: “budget cuts.”

I applaud the citizens of Norway for not accepting this decision and not letting this issue fall by the wayside. Perhaps they can take their concerns to a higher board or court. What is the purpose of this board, other than to address the concerns of its people? And the people have spoken.

The meeting was abruptly adjourned with unanswered questions and closing words: “budget cuts.”

Just a reminder, seniors have a huge impact at the polls come election time.

P.S. I applaud Mr. McCole for being the watchdog for the senior centers and keeping us posted on meeting times, dates and places. For also being a great representative of the people, by the people and for the people of Iron and Dickinson counties.

Agatha Cavaiani