Speaks the truth


It seems the wolf lovers want to change the law to get their way. From what has been in the paper, most of the signatures are college students from Lower Michigan, promoted by out-of-state money endowed animal rights organizations.

Two weeks ago I had two wolves in my lawn, 20 feet from my dining room window. In 2002 we had six looking in the window in the same place. Both at 8 a.m. We no longer have the number of deer here that we used to see. Once in a while we see one or two deer, but that’s all.

The solution would be for the DNR to live trap the wolves and then let the wolf lovers adopt them like they do horses out west. I would suspect most would end up in Detroit, but that would help them because they could lay off the dog catchers.

How long is it before the wolves attack one of my great-grandkids here or anywhere else?

Mr. Leo Fende has many years of experience and speaks the truth but not many want to listen to him.

Just think, if the animal lovers loved kids as much as animals and used their money wisely, there would be no orphanages and homeless living on the streets.

Vance Jones