No longer the Grand Old Party


The Mike Luckovich (Atlanta Journal Constitution) editorial cartoon (Sept. 13) hit the nail on the head, depicting Republican frustration and dismay that they just can’t seem to succeed in reveling very long about any Obama misfortune, as they hope.

Such is the case when we have a thoughtful, truly American-loving president.

It is so very sad that the Republicans destroyed all the previous honor and principle connected with the “Grand” in the former G.O.P.

They killed the best thing they had going for them when they embarked on their hate and evil divisiveness. Now, since the takeover by the Tea-Party nutcases, it seems nobody knows how to collect any of the beneficial pieces into a repaired party. Besides losing the “Grand,” they also lost many of the “Old” to death or defection.

True Republicans of the old corps don’t want anything to do with all their racial prejudice, women hating, evil voter suppression tactics, unproductive partisan games in Congress, and their other low-class, un-American, gerrymandering.

Those who haven’t noticed the moral degeneration in the remains of the Republican group, who don’t actually even have any organized “party” any more, have not been very involved or paid attention.

It’s a very sad and real shame for the people who knew and loved their former party. Patriotism and true love of country cannot be bought by the highest propaganda financier.

Mary Grabski

Florence, Wis.