IM compares to beautiful European town


I am from western N.Y. I visit my sister Pat Nicometo every summer. I have had good intentions to write your paper to tell you how absolutely stunning I find Iron Mountain.

It compares to a beautiful European town. The flower gardens, hanging baskets, your new tripod hangers, the crocks filled with petunias and sweet potato vines, all meticulously taken care of. …

I have been to your Italian Fest, your Out To Lunches, I have even helped to weed, water, plant .. .and only for a few days each summer.

What your town needs to know is where to give credit. Nobody can possibly realize how much time, effort , planning, money, sweat, Pat (and Mike) have put into your beautiful town.

It is an ongoing task, year round to make this happen. Pat doesn’t want recognition, nor does she get paid. But please, she has been the driving force behind all these projects that you all enjoy … from finding nurseries to donate, to ordering containers, to filling them, to hauling them around, to making sure frost doesn’t damage them, to literally working her fingers to the bone pulling weeds.

Then going home and not being able to take her dirty jeans off because the pain in her back is so bad that most people would nurse it for a few weeks.

Then the next day. … Pat gets into her van and finds another part of town that needs flowers and tender loving care.

Pat Nicometo is the driving force that has made your town absolutely stunning, give her the credit, she deserves it.

Michelle Torcello

Byron, N.Y.