Meeting health care needs


Recently, I was watching the local news. There was a story about somebody in the U.P. needing a kidney and there was a spaghetti dinner to raise money.

Later on in the newscast there was another story about another person needing another body part, so there was yet another spaghetti dinner to raise money.

I think this area is just screaming for universal health care. In Europe, where they have universal health care (and tax the citizens at the 50 percent rate), they are ruled by kings and queens. They don’t call universal health care “socialism” because they have a monarchy.

The people call their health plan their health plan and don’t call it “socialized medicine”… which is what the Republicans in this country call it. I would rather have their health plan rather than needing to have a spaghetti dinner to pay for a new kidney.

Robert Hunt

Iron Mountain