But your policy stinks


Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi don’t forget this date, Sept. 11, 2012, when four Americans were killed.

These four brave men were working for the U.S. government when our embassy was attacked this deadly assault on our U.S. compound in Libya was a tragic event, and Obama and Hillary went into complete hiding while it was taking place.

Four Americans dead and the Obama Administration, and Secretary of State Hillary bore no blame and lied to the American people on what really took place.

To blame others is their way of covering up this tragic event. It has been proven that this place was a “diplomatic outpost” and was a CIA operation.

For low information people, (Central Intelligence Agency), this was all paid for by taxpaying Americans.

It has been reveled in the last few months it was a CIA operation, and that dozen of CIA staff were there on the night of the attacks.

And to keep it secret the CIA is subjecting its workers to polygraph tests to ensure they don’t speak to the media or Congress. There speculation that the CIA was secretly giving Libyan weapons to Syria “long before Congress ‘lifted its hurdles’ on arming Syrian rebels.”

Why doesn’t Obama blame Bush? He blames him for everything else.

Another thing.

Under Obama the American people, voters, taxpayers have become his biggest enemies in Washington D.C. and his social government.

Obama hates America. His hope and change is just that.

Hey Obama, your hate for America means you also hate me. As for me I hate the social government that ruining it.

But I love my country, as one great American said, “give me liberty, or give me death.”

America has been dumbed, and has been for 75 years or more by our federal government state governments, schools and colleges through the grant system, which is, “we give, but you obey.”

Obama said, you will not lose your doctor under Obamacare. The truth is, you will.

Myths, lies and complete stupidity as he lies his ‘Obama’ way through the 8 years of his presidency.

What a way to live, lying about everything you do and say.

The worst part is we got a yellow belly congress and senate that’s out on vacation, fishing and attending picnics. We elected these people. Do your job or get out let somebody else in who will.

Obama, I love you like a brother, but your policy stinks. You were not qualified for this job. You are destroying my God, killing babies over taxing people with a health plan that will never work, just like all things you guys do.

Do I make my case.

Joe Massie