Students, staff adjust to start of school at Norway

NORWAY – Norway-Vulcan School District students and staff returned to a different building this year and everyone is adapting and adopting the new technology, school officials report.

Norway bond funds have allowed officials to make several building and technology improvements, including improvements to the school gym.

While personnel is waiting for the software that will provide a safe browsing experience for kids, staff have been implementing modern approaches to learning, said Louis Steigerwald, school superintendent.

Many staff members have availed themselves of advice from Jacqueline Leiker and started their own Weebly page.

Weebly for the classroom is a class webpage where students and parents can access information about a teacher’s assignments or engage in additional learning experience via links from the class Weebly page.

Other instructors have set up Edmodo pages for their particular classes and have begun directing students to assignments or lessons from Edmodo.

Remind 101 allows parents to receive updated information about assignments directly to their cell phones in the form of a text message.

Norway’s first early release date is coming up on Sept. 18.

Staff will use this time throughout the year to support and enhance technology initiatives and to work on the academic goals for the district, he said.

Meeting more frequently will better allow groups of teachers to spend less time recalling where they left off months ago and to jump right in from where they left off only a few weeks ago, Steigerwald said.