A job well done


What a success. The Michigan State Bocce Tournament that was held recently at the Iron Mountain City Park, many behind the scenes-dedicated people and players worked volunteering their time and effort to make bocce a huge success. The weather was a beautiful day perfect for playing the game. The courts were in very good condition. This is why it was such a success and my hat is off for all of them.

Credit also goes to the city of Iron Mountain for letting the Dickinson Area Bocce Association use city land for all these years, or it could not have been accomplished.

Also bocce ball history goes back to around 1985 when Ralph “Cobby” Izzo built one court at the Pine Mountain ski area. I remember going there and watching the Italians play the game. Ralph played the game for many years.

He was a dedicated behind-the-scene player and worker. But for some of us like Ralph, age is catching up with us so the younger players have to keep on playing to keep the game at high interest.

The Daily News also was very helpful with articles and pictures. So I applaud everyone for a job well done. God bless.

Joe Massie